Innovative Lighting Design by Alex Randall


Innovative and creative lighting design is at the forefront of our British culture, more and more talented designers are coming to our attention every single day which makes our job as Interior Designers extremely exciting as we literally have a world of possibility at our finger tips.

A key area close to all our hearts is the environment and trying to preserve our beautiful World for future generations to enjoy.

As designers, we are constantly trying to look for inventive ways to re-use discarded, old items, currently banded around as ‘pre-loved’!  The current trend of up-cycling, when done well, is astonishing.  The ability to turn a mundane, old object into something that will be treasured once again for many years to come is a true talent…an example of recycling at its best.

One of our favourite designers currently is Alex Randall.  Alex is a British born lighting designer and artist who has a penchant for the obscure!  Forget working with delicate crystals and brightly coloured baubles common to so many lighting designers these days, Alex has pushed the boundaries of the norm using unconventional materials within her designs such as the controversial medium of Taxidermy, rawhides and salvaged materials and in doing so, has created some of the most mythical and theatrical lighting I have ever seen.  Granted, it may not be to everyone’s taste but even if it isn’t yours, you have to appreciate the beautiful and surreal nature of each piece.  There is nothing sinister or grotesque about her work and all her taxidermy is done with a sympathetic eye to withhold the beauty of the animal and nature itself.  Some would even call it a tribute to the grace of the bird or the stealth of the rodent.


Image supplied by Alex Randall

Don’t for one minute think that Alex Randall spends her free time plucking birds from their nests, dragging ducks from the water and poisoning rats in their tunnels…she has made the moral stance, to which we applaud her, to only use already dead or humanly culled animals in her lighting designs.

In a fairly short time, Alex has gone from strength to strength in the lighting design industry with her work being recognised and shown in Countries all over the World.  Alex has previously exhibited at Lane Crawford – Hong Kong, Ken Fulk – San Francisco and her current installations reside at her boutique in the lobby of the Sanderson Hotel – Oxford Circus, London.

With her own Studio Range, including her first ever award winning lighting design, the Bakelite Telephone Lamp and one of my favourites, the Squirrel wall light, Alex has developed a range perfect for any discerning art lover…especially those with a tendency to want out of the box design!


Image supplied by Alex Randall

Another key part in Randalls expanding business, is private commissions.  If you’re looking for something truly exceptional and love the unconventional, commission Alex to design you something that is quite frankly inspiringly bonkers!


Angel Floor Lamp made from manipulated hide – Image supplied by Alex Randall

To view the Alex Randall collection, photographed by Claire Rosen, in an exquisite manner which creates intrigue and drama please visit her website at or follow on Twitter.  You may also purchase a selection of the table lamps at Amy Nicholas Interior Design.

To see more stunning photographic work or contact the photographer direct, please visit

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Image Supplied by Alex Randall

Now I am off to ponder what genius artwork Alex could create if I sent her my rather naught pygmy goat Woody…although I doubt she would be pleased to arrive at her studio to be met by a rather frisky, very much alive, head butting goat!!



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