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Most people might think rugs are to keep your feet from getting too nippy or perhaps filling a large unbroken expanse of floor, designers on the other hand, look at rugs as another focal point adding texture and colour to a room.  Some are statement pieces and require simple modern furniture whilst others are more understated.

Don’t make the mistake in buying a large rug for a smaller room, especially with a large and elaborate pattern as this tends to make the room appear cluttered.  The smaller the rug, the more visual space there is which optically enlarges a room.  The opposite applies in larger more spacious rooms, which can also take furniture contained on the rug itself. This can frame the area of the room whilst also creating zones.

Ever thought of hanging a rug on the wall?  Well apart from the visual textural interest it creates, this idea also helps reduce sound, something that can be a problem with open-plan homes. Mixing traditional with modern, rugs and wall hangings are at home in even the most diverse of interiors…

The Rug Company, the brand that transformed the humble floor cover into the interiors must-have, has long been linked with fashion talent, working with everyone from Vivienne Westwood to Matthew Williamson. But its collection in collaboration with the late, great Alexander McQueen I feel took rugs to the next level! Whether it’s an opulent flock of hummingbirds or the famous skull motif, all these rugs are hand knotted using the finest techniques and yarns, and are designed and made to last for generations.

Image supplied by The Rug Company, London.

One of Alexander McQueen’s latest editions, the ‘Hummingbird Ivory’ rug screams elegance and luxury. ‘Hummingbird Ivory’ is an exceptionally fine hand-woven tapestry rug, equally beautiful on the floor or hung on the wall. The design is brought to life using silk and pashmina threads, with soft metallic accents to give each bird a magical iridescence that only adds to the refined drama of this wonderful rug. Pulling certain colours in this rug and teaming them with similar tones in surrounding fabrics, such as curtains and cushions would create a great starting point for any room scheme! This rug is an opulent nod to Alexander McQueen’s thrilling style and exquisite creations.

Image supplied by The Rug Company, London.

This Diane von Furstenberg ‘Climbing Leopard’ is also one of our firm favourites if you are after a bold statement rug!

Image supplied by The Rug Company, London


The ‘Serpent’ by Kelly Wearstler is a bold expression of Wearstler’s modern American style, incorporating her distinctive raw yet refined glamour. Inspired by Wearstler’s love of pattern and form in nature, Serpent is a graphic twist on classic snakeskin – a daring, maximalist design that will add drama and movement to any interior.

‘Papillon’ designed by Tara Bernerd features a striking butterfly motif, hand knotted in decadent silk on a natural wool background. ‘Artwork for the floor’ is one way of describing this contempory rug, which is sure to leave the onlooker mesmerised. To continue the butterfly theme through the room and add a splash of colour, why not use a fabric or wall covering from Christian Lacroix’s latest collection with Designer’s Guild, Carnets Andalous – Butterfly Parade.

Image supplied by The Rug Company, London.

In this Christian Lacroix collection you will find the eccentric and electric ‘Souk’ rug which joins kaleidoscopes and modern abstract patterns to give a modern twist on the essence of an eastern market. With a colour palette from jet black to brilliant white touching on saffron and carmin, this rug would be at home in either a contemporary or traditional environment.

Image supplied by Designers Guild

Ombre is currently enjoying a spot in the limelight, so why not join in and include the trend in your home too? With its inviting graduating shades and soft pile, this Designers Guild ‘Phipps Sky’ rug would add a real freshness to any room.

These funky 100% Wool rugs are available in bright colours and Royal Mail’s current stamp range. Numerous sizes plus a bespoke service is also available making these a wonderful feature piece for any home.  Brightly coloured rugs like these can be teamed with neutral curtains and upholstery to avoid loud clashes. Like the Alexander McQueen rugs these can also be hung on a wall to create a real WOW statement!

Image supplied by Royal Mail Stamp Rugs.

Stepevi’s collection ‘Harvest’ are exquisite rugs which undergo a unique creation process which allows a revamped vintage look into any modern, stylish interior.  Vintage Anatolian rugs are collected and exposed for weeks to the Mediterranean sun and humidity, giving them a battered and faded appearance. They are then re-dyed in a choice of 14 contemporary colours, cut into sections and then re stitched to form a truly unique piece. Each of these patchwork effect rugs tells their own individual story giving a room character, and would certainly be a talking point amongst onlookers!

Image supplied by Stepevi

Rugs are now entering centre stage for planning a decorative scheme for a room. With their simple elegant designs, Luke Irwin’s rugs range from geometric shapes to modern floral patterns. The ‘Ikat’ method, similar to tie-dying, is a staple of his collection. Irwin’s faded ‘Ikat’ patterns are boldly abstract, yet due to their rendered soft muted tones they act as a calming foil to dramatic art and fabrics, and will pull together different elements of a room with ease.

Image supplied by Luke Irwin

Irwin’s Oackam’s razor ‘Paris’ rug needs to take centre stage in a room, so be careful not to place it in a cluttered environment. It is best to keep the furniture and surrounding fabrics clean and simple.

Bring nature inside your home with Irwin’s Fresco and Nimbus collection. This collection of rugs feature clouds throughout the seasons and seascapes which give an almost romantic, light, airy sense to a room.

Image supplied by Luke Irwin.

Which to choose – round or rectangular? As a rule round rugs equal aesthetics and open up a smaller space, while corners signify function. Luke Irwin’s octagonal geometric ‘Cranborne’ rug has the best of both. This crop circle effect would be an elegant yet edgy addition to any smaller room, perhaps a hallway entrance for example.

It’s not an easy decision when choosing a rug! Good rugs aren’t cheap and wrong rugs can ruin a room in a flash of clashing colour, discordant shape or an impractical finish. A good rug will certainly be an excellent investment to any household and if looked after is bound to last for generations. Rugs have been in our homes across the world for thousands of years, and it is obvious they are here to stay!

All the rugs featured above plus many more are available through Amy Nicholas Interiors…Please don’t hesitate to contact us for advice, prices and any further information.


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