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Andrew Martin Hirshorn Chair Fudge Union JackAndrew Martin International is a UK brand with global authority within the world of interior design. Inspired by a unique mix of cultures, nostalgia and decades, Andrew Martin International is the go-to place for tastemakers in search of individual interiors with a twist. The Andrew Martin aesthetic draws inspiration from a kaleidoscope combination of cultures and eras. Its ideology is to surprise, stimulate and entertain; its aim, to bring its multilayered, multicultural, easy living style to everybody.

Sunday Times:
“A barometer of style for our era”
American Express:
“The place to shop until your jaw drops”
The Daily Telegraph:
“Walking through the hallowed doors invariably feels as if you are entering the British Museum”
The Evening Standard:
“The Indiana Jones of interior design”

“Global by reputation”
Financial Times:
“One London shop is waging war on consumer boredom”
Evening Standard:
“Most successful interiors company in London”
The Times:
“Glamorous upscale living is Andrew Martin’s signature… a global shopperholic, a guru, a god”

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