How to measure Roman Blinds accurately!

Measuring Windows for blinds is most peoples idea of a nightmare…where do I measure?  How much do I allow?  What if I get it wrong? …these are some of the questions we repeatedly get asked.  Mistakes can be costly so to help, we have prepared a few helpful guides which hopefully will give you the confidence to measure accurately.

Blinds are definitely an area that people struggle measuring the most as it does need to be fairly exact…especially if the blind is going in the window recess.  I always advise people to take a left hand and a right hand drop measurement and go for the longest measurement…believe it or not, many windows are not straight!

Another tip is to always measure the width near the top and the bottom of the window but this time go with the narrowest measurement.  This is because you want your blind to move up and down without hinderance and if you went for the widest measurement, there will come a point on the blinds upward/downward journey where it is going to get stuck!!

If your windows are quite small or you want to make them appear to be bigger, a way to do this is it site your roman blind on the outside of the windows recess (your actual wall!).  We would always recommend you increase the height of your blind approx. 10cm (can be less or more depending on the window – although don’t go more than 20cm if you have a stacked blind as you don’t want to see any of the wall above the window opening when the blind is fully up) so that only a minimal amount of the glass is actually hidden by the blind when fully up.  This will increase the natural light permeating into the room and make the window look taller.

When measuring for a blind sitting on the outside recess, we tend to measure from sill to sill then plus a few centimetres each side.  For the drop, measure from the height above the window that you want (for example 15cm) then drop it below the sill plus a few centimetres.

Click here to view our measuring guide for blinds.

Soho House

Encaustic Cement Tiles

Main featured image is Soho House from Bert & May.

One of our great loves in the studio at the moment is our new collection of encaustic cement tiles.  Simply put they are exquisite.  Each tile is so simple in design and colour, the impact is minimal, yet place these tiles together and you will create a floor so beautiful you will barely dare walk on it.


Tile examples from London Encaustic.

Encaustic Cement Tiles have been around Worldwide since the 1800’s yet their huge popularity is a relatively new thing.  Made by hand, the tiles consist of coloured pigments, cement and crushed marble with usually 2 colours, sometimes up to 6.  The colour is inlaid into the tile so as the tile wears, the colour and pattern stay strong.  The dry cement and marble mixture is sprinkled onto the colour pigments followed by the sand and cement mix, which is poured on the top of the entire framework.

ValdesImage showing Valdes from London Encaustic

The tile framework is then placed under a hydraulic press and once this process is complete, the tiles are ready for an extensive 14 day drying period…ideally in the sun!  That is probably why very few, if any, encaustic tiles are made in the UK…we get no sun!!!!

Flooring, once a neutral backdrop to a design concept, is now a primary consideration.  Clients are moving away from the natural simplicity of limestone or the highly polish decadent feel of marble and are looking for a feature…an installation of beauty.  Encaustic tiles provide such beauty.  Mostly  with a chalky matt finish, the tiles have an earthy, organic appeal and look stylish whether in a modern or traditional setting.

15 Kitchen

Several years ago we used antique encaustic tiles, sourced from Italy as the surround for our own Aga.  These tiles were all part of different murals which had sadly been damaged so were broken up for sale as individual tiles.  We selected tiles from across many different sets, including an antique Liberty tile set, to form a beautiful mis-match of style and colour.

We have an extensive library of Encaustic tiles in the studio, so please do get in touch and we will help you selecting the right ones for your project.