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Casamance wallpaper – available soon

Classic designs, renewed to attain the height of design, Casamance creates unexpected affinities, endlessly reinventing sophistication.

12 Home Interior Design trends for 2016

New Year's resolutions have long past but there is plenty of 2016 left to make a big difference in your home in 2016

Andrew Martin Essentials Furniture

Andrew Martin is a UK brand with global authority within the world of interior design. Andrew Martin is inspired by a unique mix of cultures, nostalgia and decades.

Zoffany Fabrics From Amy Nicholas

The Zoffany range of luxury furnishing fabrics are woven using the finest quality yarns and production techniques.

Cole & Son Wallpapers

Today, the Cole & Son archive consists of approximately 1,800 block print designs, 350 screen print designs and a huge quantity of original drawings and wallpapers

Abraham Moon Wools

The use of high-end Abraham Moon Wool as a furnishing fabric offers levels of unique comfort to a home. Its superior performance,

Designer Mirrors For Your Home – 9 Unique Ideas

A well-placed mirror gives a room sparkle, surprise and a bright, open feeling. Here are 9 great ideas to use mirrors in your home.

Great Gatsby Inspired Art Deco Interiors

The Art Deco style is characterised by feminine curves and flowing lines, lots of masculine iron work and walls accented my geometric designs.

Christian Lacroix – A creative genius…

It always seems awash with fabric and wallpaper designs depicting butterflies but non seem quite as flamboyant and vibrant as the Lacroix 'Madame Butterfly' design

Floor Fillers – Rugs

Most people might think rugs are to keep your feet from getting cold or filling a large unbroken expanse of floor, designers look at rugs differently.

Innovative Lighting Design by Alex Randall

Innovative and creative lighting design is at the forefront of our British culture, more and more talented designers are coming to our attention every single day.

A BIG welcome to our new Junior Interior Designer

We would like to introduce our new Junior Interior Designer, Laura Makinson.

Is Tim Walker the greatest modern day photographer?

Tim Walker is one of the greatest modern day photographers. Tim manages to create magical images that tell a thousand words.

Latest from Mulberry Home

Once again the design team at Mulberry Home have produced a sumptuous and decadent collection of wallpaper and fabrics.

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