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​de le Cuona

Brands Uncovered:​ de le Cuona

Luxury, Sustainability and Craftmanship are at the heart of this extraordinary fabric company. With influences from Africa, Belgium and India, this brand is a harmonious combination of natural materials and processes, luxurious finishes and stunning workmanship. Linen, wool and velvet collections are complemented by the sumptuous accessory range of throws, cushions and bed linens, as well as a unique range of tables and vases. There’s nothing generic about this company’s products, they are true organic opulence and an exciting addition to any design scheme.


Founder and Designer Bernie de le Cuona established the company fuelled by her passion to make linen fabrics that the world had never seen – and we believe this is exactly what she has achieved. Unbelievably soft, wonderfully loose, and beautifully textured fabrics arecomplemented by the distinctive colour palette that makes de Le Cuona’s collections truly unique. Whilst the price point of de Le Cuona can be on the higher side there are many reasons for investing in buying their fabrics, not least the quality of the products and the timeless nature of the designs.

Known for their stunning signature Paisley designs, de le Cuona’s collections reflect Bernie’s cultural travels. Production of these fabrics, from initial concept and drawings to being woven on Kashmiri looms, can be years in the making. These methods, though timeconsuming, create fabrics of exceptional quality and beauty. Even the Victoria and Albert Museum has the de le Cuona Sun-Bleached Paisley in its woven fabrics collection.


Sustainability is a core part of the de le Cuona brand identity. They are one of the first companies to bring 100% organic fabrics to the home decor market, meeting Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) whilst still producing a visually and texturally stunning fabric, even going on to achieve Homes and Gardens Best Plains Collection Award of 2021.

From knowing the origins of their raw materials to designing 100% recycled packaging and promoting a sample recycling scheme, environmental sustainability plays a huge role in de le Cuona’s ethos. They endeavour to offset the carbon impact of their European deliveries and even their flagship Pimlico store is designed using mainly recycled materials. This is a company dedicated to helping minimise the textile industry’s contribution to climate change.


The time and effort that goes into making the de Le Cuona fabrics is unbelievable, and the craftsmanship is something to truly be admired. While in India, Bernie saw craftsmen beating silk cloth to give it softness and sheen. This tactic inspired her to endeavour to bring softness to her linen. However, she noted that the quality in India was inconsistent and incredibly time consuming. With nobody in Europe willing to use this method, de le Cuona decided to use a stone washing machine, more commonly used in the fashion industry to give jeans a faded look, resulting in a sumptuously softened “stonewashed” linen. Other companies have used chemicals to produce this look more cheaply, but this is detrimental to the environment which is why de Le Cuona has never explored this option. Quality beyond the usual and designs tailored to create an almost casual luxury feel – these are fabrics to invest in and fabrics to enjoy.

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