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Love your Lighting….

From wall lamps to table lamps, pendants to shades, the subject of lighting is certainly “illuminating” 😊

A well placed light fixture can transform a room, add ambiance and set the tone. From relaxed comfort to opulent luxury to dazzling freshness, lighting plays an essential role in the design of any space. Harsh lighting is nobody’s friend, but gloomy, dark areas are equally unappealing and don’t enhance the design of the space, but rather detract from it!

In our latest hotel project, for example, a statement contemporary pendant hangs over the main bar area. An orb of opaque bubble glass shades gives a modern and stylish burst of brightness, whilst the slender black cylinder pendants project more subtle downlights onto the bar below. Spots in the recesses add to the atmosphere and highlight the decorative elements on the sills. Lighting in layers ensures every area of the room gets much needed attention, whether subtle or bold.

When looking at what lighting to use in any project, two things are key. Firstly, the space itself – is there natural light in abundance, or is it dark and moody? Second – what is the purpose of the area – is it meant to be a cosy hideaway to curl up with a book, or a fresh and inspiring space to study? Once you have a feel and a purpose for your space, then the world of lighting is your oyster! There are so many options, textures, finishes and styles of lighting, that the only tricky thing is making the decision…Good luck with that…..

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