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Planning a Small Bathroom

Bathrooms are the first room you step into in a morning and the last room you leave in the evening. This is the space where you get ready for the day and decompress at night. It needs to serve the purpose of both functionality and tranquillity whilst being a space that ‘sparks joy’ every time you step into it. In most cases, this is one of the smaller rooms in the house, which is also subject to the most ‘clutter.’ Therefore how can design be implemented to resolve storage issues and create a visually pleasing environment?

The first thing to consider is storage, of which there can never be too much. Thinking outside the box for storage solutions can be a design feature in itself. For example, ditch the flimsy storage tower that is squashed into the corner and invest in a mirrored wall hung storage cabinet. These can be inexpensive and really help to hide away clutter whilst creating the sense of a larger and brighter space.

Secondly, if you are re decorating your bathroom, have some tiled alcoves inbuilt into your shower area. These can be roughly 150mm deep and 275mm high by 300mm wide (to allow for most bottles to sit on) and are perfect to store everyday products in. This will save you bending down or reaching across the bathroom for products whilst you are in the shower. Consider using a feature tile within the alcove which contrasts with the main bathroom tile to add a focal point, or even have a spotlight fitted within the recess to illuminate the space. With a small bathroom, perhaps opt for a lighter tile throughout the space and use the alcoves to add depth with a darker tile. Therefore, you are not making the space feel smaller than it is.

Another tip to create a stylish bathroom is to use the same finish for all of the sanitaryware. For example, matte black is a striking finish which can elevate what could be considered a bland scheme. If you don’t fancy re tiling, think about using an alternative finish for your bathroom hardware, there are plenty available on the market at a number of different price points. Especially in a small bathroom, adding too many elements and having lots of ‘competing’ finishes can create a chaotic feel which ultimately makes the space feel more cramped. Stick to a maximum of 4 different finishes including both the tiles and sanitaryware to create a cohesive and opulent look.

One key thing to remember is, don’t forget the details. Although you may think that small items are not important, they really are. Things like having a plastic supermarket hand wash on the basin really can hinder the overall design aesthetic and effect the cohesive look which is very important. There are plenty of affordable ceramic soap dispensers on the market which can be used to tie in accents within the bathroom scheme. See a range of bathroom accessories below which can be used to harmonise your scheme.

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